The Torre de Salamanca or Fuerte de Salamanca is a fort located in the Spanish town of Caspe (Zaragoza, Aragón).
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  2. Subida Castillo, 13, 50700 Caspe, Zaragoza, Spain
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The construction of the fort began in 1875 by order of General Manuel de Salamanca Negrete due to the defensive need of the population against the Carlist Wars. Its structure is reminiscent of the old medieval castles and its financing was carried out mainly at the expense of local taxpayers.

It is part of a series of forts distributed by mountains and cliffs, mainly in Lower Aragon, which constituted an efficient communication network. From its decks, signals with fire, mirrors or flags were transmitted between the different forts, communicating extensive territories between Zaragoza, the Maestrazgo and Castellón.

It is currently home to the Heraldry Museum.

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