Balneario de la Fontcalda

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The thermal baths of Fontcalda belong to the municipality of Gandesa. Also, it is in the heart of the Serra de Pàndols and Caballs.
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  2. Balneario de la Fontcalda, 43595 Gandesa, T, Spain
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La Fontcalda is an outdoor medicinal mineral water spa . Its waters arise at 28 degrees and carry chloride and calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate and sodium chloride. An ideal bathroom to enjoy with family or friends in an incomparable natural environment.

The spa is located in Gandesa ( Terres de l'Ebre , Tarragona), between the mountains of La Mola and Crestall, next to a sanctuary of the s. XIV where masses are still celebrated in summer.

It is an ideal place to spend the day with family or friends. Apart from enjoying a comforting bath in its hot springs , you can also venture into the waterfalls, walk around and put your food boots in your picnic area with tables and barbecues. There is also a restaurant. 

The surroundings of the Fontcalda stand out especially for their geological and geomorphological values, produced during periods of alpine orogeny. It is included in the Inventory of Geotopes and geozones of Catalonia , within the Geozone of Prat de Comte-Fontcalda. This place is a mandatory stopping point for cycling enthusiasts because of its proximity to the Vía Verde de la Terra Alta , a tour of the old Zafán Valley train track that linked Tortosa (Tarragona) with the Puebla de Híjar (Aragón).

The legend of the Sanctuary. It is said that a shepherd from Prat de Comte found near this source an image of which no one had news. He took her with him, but upon reaching the town the image had disappeared from his bag. The confused pastor returned to the place of apparition and there he found the Virgin again.

The news reached Gandesa and, as happened to the pastor, they tried to transfer the image to the Church of Gandesa but the next day it disappeared and they found it again in the same place. Gandesa then raised a small chapel and later a church. Masses are held during July and August at 6:00 p.m.