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It is challenging to call Furnas a city in the total sense. After all, the population, God forbid, if there are a couple of thousand people in the area. The area is small, again, there is no metro, trams with buses also could not be found, but there are pretty enough tourist attractions, except perhaps There are not so many parking lots as in cities sometimes.

We must pay tribute to the local authorities, everything is well-groomed, clean and tidy, there are a lot of hotels, hotels, guest houses and even, they say, guest apartments.

It is just in the style of the slogan in one of the photos: "Furnas is the capital of tourism". However, it is probably politically correct to add "ecotourism",
as well as botanical. Don't say anything. And the creativity of the locals is uplifting!

Here, in general, everything is close within walking distance, on the northern shore of Lake Furnas.

Of course, after careful preparation, I can quickly load you with the terms "fumaroles", "geysers", and other volcanic freaks of nature, but is it necessary? If you wish, this is easy to figure out. We went further to look at the features of this glorious and wonderful town in many respects.

It is how people live here, one might say in a natural frying pan, and crowds of tourists still come to them.

In the southern part of the lake, where it is still better to get from the town by car, the chapel of Our Lady of Victoria (Ermida Nossa Senhora das Vitorias) is visible from afar.

It was built in the middle of the 19th century at the expense of the resident Jose do Cantu, alas, on a sad occasion - in memory of his wife who died early from illness, he later buried here, next to her.

There you can still look into the park nearby, the ticket price then was 3 euros, and also, a little further, walk among the greenery for free, and also, like everywhere else on the island, have a picnic, on well-equipped sites.

In this matter - in the sense of organizing a picnic somewhere on a viewing platform, with an excellent view of the sea surface or steep mountain coasts - San Miguel will easily give odds even to Madeira, where everything is very good with this matter. Frankly, I liked the approach so much that you can envy the availability of such opportunities. Well, groups and companies of vacationers should take note!

Last Updated: 25 January, 2022