Furnas. Lake and thermal springs

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    Parque Terra Nostra (Quiet Garden with Thermal Springs) ticket price: 8euro.
    Poca da dona Beija ticket price: 2-4 euro.
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This part of the island of San Miguel is one of the most interesting, attractive and diverse for any tourism.
If you look at the map, it is easy to ensure that a caldera is located here - the mouth of a volcano that erupted long ago and not the smallest one. The caldera was overgrown with vegetation, partially flooded with water - that's Lake Furnas for you, people settled nearby, arranged their life, a town of the same name appeared, but volcanic activity did not completely stop. Hence the thermal springs, almost geysers.
You can enter Furnas mainly from the north side, through the city. Judging by the reviews, most tourists come there from the south, first getting acquainted with the lake.
First place - Parque Terra Nostra. The Google map was affectionately named "Quiet garden with thermal springs."
The place is lovely. The park is quiet and plentiful, and the pool is not very hot. tickets will have to be purchased, 8 euro
With tickets in hand, just looking inside, you immediately realize that there is water from thermal springs in the ground pool - it is difficult to confuse the smell of hydrogen sulfide with anything. the scent is not sharp. There is something to breathe, but nonetheless.
The pool beckoned with its thermal-warm charms.
There are changing cabins here, even a shower and a toilet, a small "bath", it is enough to walk a little to the left from the entrance.
One recommendation - do not get carried away with thermal procedures. Dip yourself for a maximum of 15-20 minutes.
After the pool, an equally fascinating place is the park, even the botanical garden.
To its creation, and the first bath, had a hand (and probably a heart), at the beginning of the 19th century, a certain Thomas Hinckley, an orange merchant from Boston.
He was so fascinated by San Miguel and thermal springs that he settled on the island forever and for some time even was listed here as a US consul. He built a house called Yankee Hall, planted trees and various plants, and died here. Yankee Hall has not survived. The next owner of the site was Visconde Praia, who lived with his heirs.
In 1935, the estate was acquired by Vasco Bensaude, and it was he who brought the park to 12.5 hectares and rebuilt the estate in the form that we can see today, turning it into a high-class hotel!
The park or maybe the garden is not the largest, not like in Singapore, for example, but not the smallest either, quite comparable to the Botanical Garden in Funchal (Madeira Island), indeed, creating a feeling of some mystery, full of old secrets, even if it can be forgotten and no longer needed.
I recommend everyone to follow our example and see Terra Nostra Park!
In the following terms - thermal pools Poca da Dona Beija.
The institution has its parking, albeit not very large. It consists of several pools with different temperatures.
Here everything is more compact than competitors, and the water contains a high concentration of iron, although it remains transparent. Equipped at a reasonable level - changing cabins, stairs to baths, showers, you can even rent a safe.
Tickets cost 4 euros, 2 euros if desired, you can pay extra for towels.