The Wroclaw Market Square is the place where you should start your acquaintance with the city immediately after moving.
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Market without a market
The market square is called simply Rynek by the Poles. But despite the name, there is no market here. Street trade is usually limited to the sale of souvenirs. Large-scale fairs go on twice a year. In December - Christmas, in June - Saint John (in honour of St. John).
The name of the square comes from its original purpose. Already in the 13th century, trade was conducted here.
The Wroclaw Market Square is one of the largest in Europe. It is a rectangle measuring 212 by 173 meters (according to other sources: 213 by 178 meters). The central part is occupied by a separate quarter with town halls. Along the perimeter, there are 60 colourful buildings built in different eras.
The buildings have their historical names, usually associated with façade elements: “Under the blue sun” (Pod Błękitnym Słońcem), “Under the golden deer” (Pod Złotym Jeleniem), “Under the golden jug” (Pod Złotym Dzbanem) ... Before, when many people did not know how to write and read, these attributes helped them find the correct address.
During the siege of Wroclaw in 1945, many buildings on the market square were destroyed or damaged. At the beginning of the 1960s, reconstructed most of the houses
Today the market square of Wroclaw is a favourite place for tourists and locals. It is part of a large pedestrian zone. Here they organize concerts, hold fire shows, blow substantial soap bubbles.

Gothic town hall
Streets lead to the Wrocław Market Square from different sides. But I propose to start the walk from the side of Svidnicka Street. It will be incredibly convenient if you use public transport: you can walk from the stop of the same name to the square in a few minutes.
You will have a stunning view of the Old Town Hall (Stary Ratusz) - one of the leading architectural monuments of Wroclaw, the symbol of the city. This Gothic building was built in several stages over 250 years (from the 13th to the 16th century). It acquired its modern look as a result of restorations carried out in the 19th and 21st centuries.
The astronomical clock on the façade of the town hall will undoubtedly catch your attention. They were installed already in 1580. On the dial - the sun and the moon's phases, in the corners - are the Egyptian symbols of the four seasons. Interestingly, the watch has only one hand, which moves from number to number during the hour.
The Old Town Hall houses the Museum of Bourgeois Art with works of Wrocław artisans and artists from different historical eras. It is worth a visit if only for the well-preserved interiors of the building.
Wroclaw Town Hall is the largest town hall in Poland. It consists of two parts: there is also a new one and the Old Town Hall.
There are four small streets next to the town hall in the central part of the market square. The entrance to some of them is located in the arches of the buildings.
I suggest that you first go around the square around the perimeter, and then if there is time left, look into its central part. We will start our walk from the east side.

How to get there?
The market square of Wroclaw is located near the road and railway. Railway stations. For 20 minutes you can walk. You can also get there by public transport - at any stop, you will find the timetable of all buses and trams to indicate their different route. Look for vehicles to the Świdnicka or Galeria Dominikańska stops.

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