Warsaw University is one of the most representative in Poland. According to the British magazine, it is also included in the top 200 universities in the world. This is a relatively high figure.
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In 1830, Tsar Nicholas I, in memory of his brother Alexander I, renamed the university, Alexander. However, the Polish uprising shortly after the renaming caused the university's closure. In 1857 the Medical and Surgical Academy was opened in Warsaw, and in 1862, the Warsaw School had four divisions: law and administration, philology and history, mathematics and physics, and medicine. Since 1866, all students of the Warsaw School were required to take an exam for knowledge of the Russian language by a committee of Russian teachers. In October 1869, the School was transformed into the Imperial University of Warsaw. During World War I, the university was evacuated to Rostov-on-Don. During World War II, all Polish higher education institutions were closed. The university was converted into a military barracks. Despite the bans, many teachers continued to give lessons in private homes.
Today, Warsaw University consists of 20 faculties: Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, Faculty of Geology, Faculty of History, Faculty of Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Polish Studies, Psychology and Management.

Last Updated: 19 May, 2022