Seine Basilica of the Virgin Mary

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Seine The Basilica of the Virgin Mary is a Dominican Order church located in north-eastern Poland, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Seine County, Seine City.
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The late Renaissance architecture was built between 1610 and 1619. Its founders were from Vilnius in 1602. Dominican monks come to town. The main founders of the church were Jurgis Grodzinski (Jerzy Grodziński). Church in 1632 was consecrated by Bishop Jurgis Tiškevičius of St. Mary, St. George and St. Jack's titles. [1] 1706 a monastery was built near the church.

It was consecrated by Vilnius Bishop Assistant J.Tiškevičius in 1632. Blessed Mary, St. George and St. Jack's titles.

1760-1779 The church was rebuilt in Baroque style. The main contributor to the church's rebuilding was Rose Pliateryte Strutinska (Róża z Platerów Strutyńska). The church changed its facade and two baroque towers were built on the front. The belfry in the northern part of the church was demolished.

1804 During the reign of the Prussian kingdom, the monastery was abolished. The Church became a parish. 1818 The church became the Augustow Bishopric Cathedral. The Bishop, Curia and the Seminary of the Diocese of Augustow were located here. 1908 there was a Lithuanian Primary School, which later became the Žiburys Gymnasium. [2] When the Polish and Lithuanian republics were formed in 1925 The Augustow diocese was divided into two - Vilkaviskis and Lomza. The Church lost its status as a cathedral, and Vilkaviškis and Lomza became the bishop's residences.

1973 the church was granted the status of a small basilica, and in became a Seinai-Wigry College.

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