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ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań is one of the largest cultural institutions in the country. Each year, the institution hosts 2,500 events which both showcase and stimulate the development of the most interesting phenomena in culture. The spaces and interiors of ZAMEK are a venues where one sees the interfacing and mutually complementary presence of visual arts, theatre, film, music and literature. The programme relies both on the tried and tested forms of expression (e.g. concerts, performances, exhibitions, soirees and literary meetings, film screenings) as well as on experimental artistic undertakings by embarking on new types of activities, often site-specific ones. These ventures are much aided by ZAMEK’s artist-in-residence programme.

The Centre for Educational Practices, which functions as part of the institution, aims to develop and implement new methods and tools of education, as well as initiates and supports collaboration between the domains of culture and school education..

Our activities would not be what they are if not for the social context of ZAMEK’s activities, therefore much emphasis in placed on collaboration with the institutions immediate surroundings. Also, we develop a programme of urban education which, among other things, encompasses debates about the problems of the local community, workshops, or animation projects in St. Martin street. In fact, the programme is a singular handbook on how to use and take advantage of the city. Given the fact that the institution resides in a former imperial castle, an extraordinary witness of the 20th-century European history, the reflection on history and its impact on the present day are also an eminent item on our agenda.

ZAMEK Culture Centre’s flagship undertakings organized each year include ETHNO PORT Poznań, a music festival, the International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA, POZNAŃ POETÓW and FESTIWAL FABUŁY, both of which are dedicated to literature, as well as an event which represents a nationwide cultural phenomenon, ST. MARTIN STREET NAME DAY, which is celebrated on November 11th, together with the Day of Independence. 

Beyond these events, CK ZAMEK remains open to visitors each day of the week. Everyone is welcome to come or drop in, to take part in our events, see the interiors of the castle, or spend some time just resting and relaxing. Over the year, our institution is visited by almost half a million people.

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