Ogrodzieniec Castle can be visited individually, following the marked path of sightseeing or in the company of a guide.
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  2. Ul. Zamkowa 28, Ogrodzieniec Podzamcze, Poland
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    Ogrodzieniec CASTLE:
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    BIRÓW Stronghold on the Mountain:
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    Normal - 5 PLN / person.
    Reduced - 12 PLN/person;
    Normal - 18 PLN/person.
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A brand new route tourist has been opened in the Ogrodzieniec Castle, here in the very heart of the Podzamcze Village (Silesian Voivodship).

Once you have passed through the Gate Tower and purchased a ticket at the ticket office, you must go to the stone route which leads to the upper castle through an extensive outer ward. On the way to the left, you see the amphitheatre with seasonal outdoor stage, next, a group of rocks, including: Wielbłąd (Camel), also called Kaczor (Drake) or Sphinx. Straight ahead, a reconstructed gateway, to the right unusual rock formations embedded in circular walls: Niedźwiedź (Bear) and Dwie Siostry (Two Sisters). There is a cave in the rock group called Męczarnia Warszyckiego (Warszycki Torture Place) and next, in the old guardhouse, there is our brand new exhibition – the Torture Room. In order to visit this place, you should leave the main route and walk up the terrain stairs.

Further, along the main route, you take a wooden footbridge over the so-called dry moat where formerly a drawbridge was lowered.

In front of you, there is the Wieża Bramna (Gate Tower) (1) - the main entry to the castle and a starting point of the sightseeing. Through the tower, you enter the Dziedziniec Pański (Lord’s Yard) (2). From here, you can visit the Kurna Kuchnia (Chimneyless Kitchen) (3), right by the well and the so-called Izba Kuchcika (Cook’s Chamber), then, going back to the courtyard and climbing the spiral stairs, go to the Zamek Wysoki (Upper Castle) (4). Afterwards, you take the same stairs back down to the next room where stairs leading to the terrace over the well are located. Next, going over a footbridge beyond the Chimneyless Kitchen, you arrive at the spiral stairs leading you to the private chambers of the owner of the castle – Sypialnia Bonera (Boner’s Sleeping Chamber) (5) and Library (6).

In the library you shall find stairs leading you to the porch and next to the Sala Kredensowa (Cupboard Room) (7) to the Kredencerska Wieża Widokowa (Observation Tower) (8) and the Izby Rycerskie (Knights’ Chambers) located one level below (9), now called dark and bright lumber-room. In one of these chambers, there is the Castle Museum now.

The next sightseeing route leads through the rock stairs to the Kurza Stopa (Hen’s Foot) (10), the third level, currently an outdoor one. From there you go down the staircase, leading to the two lowest levels of the Kurza Stopa (Hen’s Foot Tower). Currently, there is an exhibition held on one of the levels, namely the Castle Armoury. At the lowest level, you will find interesting remains of the Renaissance frescoes hidden in the niche corners.

From the Kurza Stopka (Hen’s Foot Tower), you go to the courtyard (11), called Ptasznik (Fowler). Your eyes shall right away notice those beautifully reconstructed wooden cloisters, clinging to the so-called Mur Kurtynowy (Curtain Wall), closing the courtyard from the south. Afterwards, you climb to the Bastion Beluardu (Siege Bastion) (12), the defence southern corner. From this point on, the sightseeing route leads to the Wieża Skazańców (Convicts’ Tower) (13) to the open terrace, which was one of the representative rooms once. From there you take steps to the stairs leading to the Skarbiec (Treasury), going past the Wieża Bramna (in the Gate Tower, on this level, there was once a castle chapel with the entrance from the courtyard through the gallery). Then, you go down the stairs to the old Skarbiec (Treasury) (14) where you can admire the splendid view of the Podzamcze Village. Afterwards you go to the footbridge leading to the spiral stairs, built in the modern times, going past the Prochownia (Powder Magazine) (14).

The spiral stairs lead you to the Dziedziniec Pański (Lord’s Yard) where you have started your journey.

Here your adventure comes to an end.

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