Neo - gothic Kętrzyn Masonic Lodge now is also adapted to the branch of the Municipal Public Library and a tea room.
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  2. Adama Mickiewicza 1, Kętrzyn, Poland
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The Kętrzyn headquarters of the former masonic lodge is a neo-Gothic building built between 1860-1864 on the site of the former moat. The building was built from the initiative of master Anton Brillowski. However, the Masonic lodge itself called "Drei Thore des Tempels" meaning "Three gates of the Temple" was founded on October 9, 1818 and was part of the Grand National Lodge of the Prussian State. The body of the building and the architectural decoration of the façade was inspired by the late English Gothic and refers to contemporary tendencies and fashion in European architecture. A one-story, relatively small edifice was placed on a rectangular plan, which is characteristic of this style. The decoration of the lodge are four octagonal turrets, as well as a pentagonal projection with a staircase. The lodge was dissolved in the 1930s by virtue of the decision of the authorities of the Third Reich. Her property took over the city. From that time until the late 90's, the building housed the Cultural Center and the "Bajka" cinema.

Currently, the headquarters of the Association of Arno Holza for the Polish-German Agreement, which since 1997. it associates pre-war inhabitants of Kętrzyn with Polish and German population. The building was also adapted to the branch of the Municipal Public Library and a tea room.

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