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  2. Willemskade 25, 3016 DM Rotterdam, Netherlands
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The museum found its home in a historic building from 1851 on the Willemskade embankment. Before him, a yacht club was located here, but after the death of its president, the building was sold to the city, which led to the creation of a museum of ethnography here in 1885.
The collection of the museum has been collected over 160 years and includes objects of art painstakingly created by man over 2,000 years: from the attributes of an ancient Mexican temple to modern arts and crafts in Syria. The museum will not only introduce you to the history of the city but will also allow you to travel through time. Here you can share the Dutch passion for travel, learn about the colonial past of the country and the passion of its inhabitants for entrepreneurship.
This is a great place to get acquainted with the culture of China and Japan, with Indonesian and Islamic art, the art of the countries of Africa, America, Oceania. Travelling through the halls will certainly be accompanied by a thematic selection of music. For myself, I especially noted the lower halls with the collections of mysterious Oceania.

How to get there
By walk: the walk from the central station will take 25 minutes.
From the central station you can take trams: No. 7 (in the direction of Willemsplein) to the final stop; No. 8 (in the direction of Spangen) / no. 20 (in the direction of Lombardijen) to the Vasteland stop; No. 23 (towards Beverwaard) / No. 25 (towards Carnisselande) to the Leuvehaven stop.
By metro: Leuvehaven stop (lines D, E).