Another landmark of the Netherlands, one of the world record holders, is distinguished by its length. We are talking about the longest drawbridge in the world - Erasmus.
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Its construction is distinguished by its bold execution, especially the curved pylon, symbolizing the restoration of the city after the war devastation, is striking. The structure is just over 800 meters long, the height of the pylon is 139 meters and consists of several parts. The main part is a cable-stayed bridge held by strong cables. The second part is the same pylon of unusual shape that holds the cable-stayed section. And finally, the drawbridge part of the bridge is designed so that large ships can enter the port.
After spending more than 163 million euros on the construction, on September 6, 1996, the bridge was officially opened by Queen Beatrix. In October 1996, the bridge was opened to traffic. However, it soon became clear that the structure of the Erasmus Bridge was not sufficiently resistant to strong gusts of wind. For this reason, it was decided to install additional draft regulators.

In 1998, some scenes of the film Who Am I? Were filmed on the bridge. featuring Jackie Chan.
In 2005, several aircraft flew under the bridge as part of the Red Bull Air Race.
In 2005, the bridge served as the backdrop for DJ Tiesto's performance.
In 2010, the Erasmus Bridge was crossed during the Tour de France.