The Bonnefanten Museum got its name from a nunnery that existed on this site in the 18th century, whose task, among other things, was to educate children abandoned and left without parents.
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The Bonnefantenmuseum was opened in 1884 as a museum for the archeology and history of the province of Limburg. He inherited the name from the Bonnenfanten convent, on the territory of which in the period from 1951 to 1978. it was located. In the early 90s. the Italian modernist architect Aldo Rossi designed a new modernist building for the museum, reminiscent of the letter "Ш". The main decoration of the building was a 28-meter galvanized rocket tower. In 1995, the exposition of the Bonnefantenmuseum was opened to the public.

What's interesting?
The Bonnefantenmuseum recently celebrated its 125th anniversary, and in the short period of its existence, it has something to be proud of. The exposition is divided into two parts - Dutch and Italian art of the 13th - 17th centuries. and contemporary art. So, what can you see at the Bonnefantenmuseum:
1. Applied art, paintings and sculptures preserved from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. An impressive collection of works by the sculptor Jan van Steffeswerth, who lived in the 16th century in Maastricht. No less interesting is the collection of objects of the Christian cult of South Holland, among which there are wooden sculptures, altarpieces, etc.
2. Halls of French, Italian, Dutch and English workshops of the XIII-XVII centuries. will offer on display exclusive collections with hundreds of jewellery and products made of alabaster, silver, bronze, enamel and ivory.
3. The hall of Italian painting is filled with works by such masters as Luca della Robbia, Sano di Pietro, Paolo Veronese Mantegna, Tintoretto and Donatello. In addition, the collection is complemented by exhibits and objects from the Renaissance and bronze items.
4. The Hall of Dutch Painting contains masterpieces by artists Jan Mostert, Jacob Jordaens, Anthony van Dyck, Rogier Weyden, Jos de Momper, Peter Rubens and others.
5. The modern exhibition presents the works of masters of conceptual art and minimalism: Bruce Naumann, Joseph Beuys, Luciano Fabro, Richard Serra, Saul LeWitt, Tapier, Andy Warhol and other geniuses of the 20th - 21st centuries.
6. Installations will delight you with their ambiguity and avant-garde - walls and beds, floors and ceilings are covered with white, black and bloody stripes. You can even lie down on the floor and look at everything from a different angle.

How to get there
You can find the Bonnefantenmuseum on the right bank of the Meuse River in the southern part of the city. It's easy to get here: use the services of regular buses No. 57, 78, 350, 801, 805. Get off at the Bonnefanten museum stop.

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