Santa Maria Caves Beach, located on the north side of Comino Island, is a popular dive destination offering 10-20 meter dives for divers of all levels to explore unique cave systems and underwater photography.
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Santa Maria Caves includes a dozen caves, each of which is of singular beauty. Some of them have huge gutters, others are with underwater tunnels, and through the narrow passages of the third one can observe fantastic lighting effects.
The caves are shallow (some are not entirely underwater), but they are rich in marine life. You can find feathers, octopuses,
Divers come to this beach regularly, so it is good to arrive early to avoid crowds.

When is the best time to go
The swimming season in Malta lasts from late May to October. The air temperature reaches a comfortable + 25-30 ° C, and the water temperature does not drop below + 23 ° C. In some regions of the Maltese archipelago, the water warms up to + 26-28 ° C. In summer, dry, sunny and calm weather prevails. Precipitation is rare. The southern coast of Malta is often influenced by the desert winds of Africa, raising high waves and bringing the sultry breath of the Sahara to the islands.

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