Liksna Manor Park (Liksna paths)

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Walking paths was made by the inhabitants of Liksna village in 1999 and from then every year this paths has been extended. There are walking paths, well-equipped recreation places, creative forms of wood and metal, including the Love Tree.
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  2. Daugavas Street 8, Liksna, Liksnas parish, Daugavpils district
  3. Prices*:
    Entrance to Liksna manor park is a paid service for tourist groups which includes guide services.
    * 1 to 10 persons – free;
    * 11 to 20 persons – 10,00 €;
    * 21 to 30 persons – 15,00 €;
    * 31 and more – 20,00 €.
  4. * - opening and closing times as well as entrance prices, are subject to alterations without notice. Visitors are advised to check before visiting.
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In 1999, a walking path was made by the inhabitants of Liksna village, every year this path is been extended. Everybody can see different creations made of stone, metal and wood while walking the path as well as find out that this path rode a horse Polish national hero – Emilia Plater, who used to live in Liksna in 19th century. Emilia because of her lifestyle and character was always compared to Joan of Arc. A portrait of Emilia Plater which was drawn by Sandijs Greiškalns is kept in a library of Liksna parish. In the park of Liksna manor a historic architectural monument – the chapel of Liksna manor, is located.

The park of Liksna manor is very popular among newlyweds. Thanks to LMT (mobile communication company) and a craftsman – Valērijs Konstantinovs, a new design object was put in the park in 2015 – “The Tree of Love”. Since then newlyweds can put a lock on it as a symbol of being unseparable during all their life.
Moreover, in Liksna village it is possible to get acquianted with village’s local history, visit inspiring church, enjoy different activities in the park and visit local craftsmen.

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