Jaunmoku Manor’s (also referred to as ‘castle’ or ‘palace’) Neogothic style is in perfect harmony with its Art Nouveau features, placing it among the architectural greats of Latvia.
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  2. Tukums district, Tume parish, Jaunmoku pils, LV-3139
  3. +37163107125
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  5. http://www.jaunmokupils.lv
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The building (ca.1901), initially intended as a hunting lodge for Riga Mayor George Armitstead, is located outside the city of Tukums (Kurzeme). The design master is the Baltic-German architect Wilhelm Boxlaff. Among the interior features are a Dutch tile wood stove-heater with paintings of the well-known Riga panorama.

Forest Museum

Today, the Manor houses the Forest Museum, with its permanent collection containing detailed information on Latvian forestry and game hunting, and the Latvian Signs Center (Latvju Zīmju centrs), where all are welcome to create a sign of your very own. Here you can taste-test herbal teas, and embark on thematic tours, like, “Dwarf’s Little Schoolhouse” or a special one for newlyweds.

Latvian Signs Center

Those visiting the Center can take the opportunity to design their personal, individual sign, or entwine two for a unified one - which may resemble a readily seen and used Latvian symbol, like Jumis, Māra, Laima, Moon sign. The ornamentation created is labyrinthine, something akin to the pattern of the famous Lielvārde woven waist belt. The guided tours focusing on various themes are for families, collectives, and individual visitors.

Sample and enjoy herbal teas

While visiting the Manor, take time to sample the various teas made from herbs grown in the garden, and their healing power. The same applies to a number of health elixirs available. A guide can guide you through this “world” privately, but please call to reserve.

Banquets held here

Jaunmoku Manor is one of the best options for an elegant soiree, particularly popular with young couples “tying the knot.” The territory has comfortable lodging (the former stables) and ample event space.

Jaunmoku Manor through the ages

Both the Red Army and the Nazi occupation armies found the Manor house useful for their specific needs; initially it was a School for Sergeants (Russian), later, a radio station (German), but near the end of the war - a military hospital (German). In the post-war Soviet period, it was practically everything: office building, retail outlet, movie theater, apartment house. The premises was widely used, but, alas, physical care for it was sorely lacking. With sections of the edifice crumbling, the Forestry Ministry took over in 1974. The Manor’s restoration was launched, and it lasted over 20 years.

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