Beautiful Saukrasti Beach with white dunes and children playgrounds.
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Saulkrasti Beach is a 17 km long natural masterpiece.Witness the rich diversity from the singing sand in Lilaste to the stony seashore in Zvejniekciems. The  beach  is  swept  by  wind and shaped by waves, gathering sand and various ‘treasures'– shells of river and sea molluscs, threads of green algae, clusters of brown algae, smooth pebbles, driftwood  and  others.  Expand  your  horizons  and  discover the excitement of searching for tiny seaside bric-a-brac.

One of the most beautiful dunes of its kind in Latvia with great sight to the coast of Baltic Sea. The 18 metre high dune on the right bank of the River Inčupe where it flows into the Baltic Sea is a great spot to look out over the Gulf of Riga. Geographically, the White Dune is a sandstone layer, formed 405–350 million years ago. The dune also appears in the historical feature films of the Riga Motion Pictures Studio "Kā gulbji balti padebeši iet" (White clouds are passing like swans) (1956) and "Nauris" (1957).

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of a healthy walk and the fresh sea air, take the 3.6 km long forest trail that stretches alongside the sea coast from the White Dune to Sun Bridge. On the way you will see a sandy beach and a peaceful seaside forest, where you can find 20 grand pine trees– some of them as old as 200 years. Remember to keep your eyes and ears open for birds, small animals and other surprises. If you are lucky, you might even see the tiny, protected longhorn beetle – Nothorhina punctata.

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