The oldest building in Düsseldorf is the church or Basilica of St. Lambert. It includes a complex of historical buildings within the walls of which many works of art are kept.
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In the 8th century St. Villeicus, during his lifetime he was the abbot of a monastery, built a chapel where two rivers - Dussel and Rhine - join. He lit it in honour of the missionary Lambert, whose name the temple still bears. The original building has not survived only in the 13th century a small church erected on the site of a small chapel, which later became a magnificent Catholic church, the spire of which rises above Düsseldorf.
On June 05, 1288, a battle took place between the Archbishop of Cologne Siegfried of Westerburg and Count Adolph von Berg. The reason was the disagreement over the inheritance rights of the disputed territories. The count's army was outnumbered, the inhabitants of the village of Dussel and the free townspeople joined him, this event was decisive and helped Adolf win a difficult battle. On August 14, two months after the battle, the court granted the village the status of a town and signed a decree.
Dusseldorf was built and expanded, due to the impressive investments of Adolf. Throughout his life, he showed great interest in the city and its buildings. After the inheritance of Düsseldorf by Wilhelm I, the city achieved tremendous development rates. The Duke decided to make it his residence. During his reign, the church was officially illuminated in honour of the Mother of God - on July 13, 1394.
The Düsseldorf Temple has amassed and preserved many relics and priceless works of art. In the XIV century, this made it one of the most revered and visited places for pilgrimage in the Rhine lands. Today the relics of the saints recognized as patrons of the church - Thomas, Lambert, Pankratius, Apollinaris and Velleica, are kept on the altar of the church.

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Metro Tonhalle / Ehrenhof - U70, U74, U75, U76, U77
Bus Tonhalle / Ehrenhof  - 805

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