Bellevue Palace (Schloss Bellevue)

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Bellevue Palace (Schloss Bellevue), located in Berlin's Tiergarten district, is today the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.
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Bellevue Palace, commissioned by the younger brother of King Frederick II (Friedrich II) Ferdinand von Preußen, was built by architect Michael Philipp Baumann in 1786.
In 1844, opened the Patriotic Gallery (Vaterländischen Galerie) in the palace, which became the predecessor of today's National Gallery (Nationalgalerie), where works by contemporary artists exhibited for the first time in the country. In addition, King Friedrich-Wilhelm IV made the Tiergarten park accessible to the people.
Bellevue Palace used for the needs of the court of Kaiser Wilhelm II from 1888 to 1918. After the First World War, both the park and the palace remained unchanged; since 1928, the Bellevue Palace passed from the property of the Hohenzollern dynasty to the state property. All kinds of exhibitions and concerts here.
After the Nazis came to power, the palace rebuilt. A new main entrance was made and added a staircase to the central part of the building. In addition, Bellevue Palace used as a palace for receiving distinguished guests.
During the Second World War, the palace seriously damaged by bombing. After the end of the war, Bellevue Palace found itself on the territory of West Berlin. From 1954 to 1959, it carried restoration work out. The palace partially used as the President of the Federal Republic of Germany (the main place of residence was in Bonn).

Bellevue Palace architecture
Before starting the construction of the Bellevue Palace, this place was already occupied by a building that was once a tannery and later converted into a country house. This building became the basis for the right-wing of the palace, and Baumann completed the left-wing symmetrically to the right.
The basis of the two-storey palace was a reality in early classicism with columns and sculptures - allegories. Bellevue Palace was the first building in Prussia built in the classicist style.
The Bellevue Palace, which means "Beautiful View", got its name for a picturesque place on the river banks in the centre of the park. The palace park was considered the most beautiful in Prussia.

The interior of the Bellevue Palace
The interior of the palace has changed many times. After the unification of Germany in 2004-2005, carried a large-scale work was out to restore the court to, as far as possible, its original form.
The Bellevue Palace today houses the residence of the President of Germany. The living rooms of the president and 15 representative rooms located here.
Receptions held in the palace at the state level; from here, the president's annual address to the people broadcast.

A few years after completing the construction by Carl Gotthard Langhans, the famous oval hall was rebuilt, decorated with Corinthian columns and two fireplaces.
The Langhans Hall used under Frederick of Prussia as a ballroom and dance venue. It was the largest building in the Bellevue Palace.
Today it is one of the best-preserved rooms in the original state of the palace.
Salon Luise
Louise's salon is named Princess Anna Elisabeth Luise von Brandenburg-Schwedt, who in 1755 became Prince Ferdinand of Prussia at 17.
Today, Louise's salon hosts the president's banquets and receptions by the president's wife.
Salon Ferdinand
After Prince Ferdinand of Prussia, Ferdinand's salon built the Bellevue Palace (Prinz August Ferdinand von Preußen). It is the interior decorated in the same style as Louise's.
The salon wall is decorated with a large painting depicting the family of the prince, master of the Order of Malta, with his wife and three children, by the artist Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein.
Today, the salon hosts small receptions and conversations.
Schinkel Saal
The Schinkel Hall got its name in honour of the greatest architect of Berlin, the author of its many palaces, museums, theatres and churches, Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
Today the Schinkel Hall is used as a foyer for the Great Hall and small receptions.
Great Hall (Großer Saal)
The Great Hall is today the largest building in the Bellevue Palace. Official celebrations, presentation of state awards, concerts, state banquets held here.
There is no free access for tourists to the Bellevue Palace. Open House Day held once a year.
On the Bundes-President of Germany website, you can take a virtual walk through the palace complex and get acquainted with the furnishings of the halls and the palace park.

How to get there
Bellevue Palace located in the centre of Berlin. It is convenient to reach it by any means of transport.
By public transport
Bellevue Palace can reach by bus, city train or metro.
By bus: Routes 100, 187 to the Schloss Bellevue stop, then walk 100 meters, route 106, N26, 100, 187 to the Großer Stern stop, then step 200 meters or route 187 to the Paulstrasse finish.
By underground (U-Bahn): Line U9 to the Hansaplatz stop, then walk 12 minutes.
By city train (S-Bahn): Routes S5, S7 to the Bellevue stop.
By car
Bellevue Palace can reach by car.
Coming from Nuremberg or Hanover, take the A 115 motorway at the junction towards Charlottenburg, exit towards Tiergarten. Further Bismarckstraße, Straße des 17. Juni.
From Dresden and Frankfurt, take the A 111 autobahn towards Zentrum / Mitte.
From Hamburg or Rostock - Autobahn A 114, exit Pankow towards Zentrum / Mitte.
Please note that it is not possible to park a car near Bellevue Palace.
Nearest parking lots:
Klopstockstraße / Altonaer Straße near the Hansaviertel underground station. Free parking for 19 spaces. From here, about 20 minutes walk to Bellevue Palace.
Parking conditions:
Mon-Thu, Sat-Sun - around the clock,
Fri. from 22.00. until 08.00.
Fri. from 8 o'clock in connection with the work of the market is closed.
Stadt Berlin - free parking with 27 spaces at the intersection of Klopstockstraße and Altonaer Straße, an 18-minute walk to Bellevue Palace.
Parking conditions:
two hours of free parking daily around the clock,
except Friday from 8.00. until 20.00.
Lützow Center Berlin - parking in the shopping center at Lützowufer 26, Tiergarten. It's a 25-minute walk to Bellevue Palace.
Parking conditions:
One hour: Mon-Sun - 2.20 euros.
Day: Mon - Sun - € 19.00.
Location of parking lots in the area of ​​Bellevue Palace
By taxi
A taxi in Berlin can call by phone, order via a mobile application, or hailed on the street. Please note that a € 3.90 tax will be charged immediately upon boarding.
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