Nõmme – The village within the city

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Nõmme, a quiet, forested, district filled with 1920s- and 30s-era houses, has the feel of a small country town.
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If Nõmme feels like a village that's completely detached from the rest of the city, there's good reason – before being absorbed into Tallinn in 1940, it was just that. The area owes its existence to the Baltic-German landowner, Nikolai von Glehn (1841 - 1923), who not only succeeded in turning his Tsarist-era estate into a real town, but also earned a reputation for being somewhat eccentric. He was, after all, practically giving away land and the castle-shaped manor house he had built flew in the face of convention.

Glehn's Castle, situated about 2 km east of the Nõmme centre, is now a prime Nõmme attraction, as is the park that surrounds it. Among the more bizarre features von Glehn had installed in the park are enormous granite crocodile and a towering statue of Estonia's mythical hero, Kalevipoeg.

Nõmme is also a perfect place for different activities. It’s an area where an adventure park, a sports centre, a swimming pool, and one of the best forest trails for runners, cyclists and skiers are located. Besides all that, there’s the Pääsküla Bog – a perfect trail for nature-lovers. 

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