It is impossible to imagine a metropolis without an observation tower. Prague TV Tower is one of the most popular Czech attractions. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Czech capital. Tourists climbing this structure are breathtaking.
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  2. Mahlerovy sady 1, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Czechia
  3. +420210320081
  5. Working hours*:
    Open to the public from 9 am to midnight
  6. Prices*:
    A standard admission ticket for an adult will cost 230 CZK
  7. * - opening and closing times as well as entrance prices, are subject to alterations without notice. Visitors are advised to check before visiting.
  8. Important! Pets, even dogs, are allowed to enter the Zizkov TV Tower. For each pet, you will have to pay 90 CZK.
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The name of the architect who built the Prague television tower at the end of the 20th century was Vaclav Aulick. He set out to erect 3 huge pillars of concrete, on each of which special rooms-platforms would hang in the air. People who climbed into them could see all of Prague. And he managed to realize his plan.
Vaclav Aulick created a towering ideal in all respects. She is stable, practical and tall. Bars and restaurants for visitors were organized in the first-level playground rooms. Further, there are observation platforms, and on the last, upper level of the tower, there is equipment for television broadcasting.

Interesting! Some Czechs opposed the construction of this TV tower since before its construction the local authorities ordered to partially destroy the old Jewish cemetery in Prague.

The Zizkov TV Tower has different opinions. Someone considers it the main city pride, while for someone it is a nondescript structure that spoils the appearance of Prague.

The observation deck of the Zizkov TV Tower
A popular area among tourists. They climb here to enjoy the view of Prague. A 360-degree view opens. The observation deck itself is a spacious room with comfortable hanging chairs. They are arranged in 2 rows. It is better to sit in the first one to have a better view of the city.
Each hanging chair has comfortable cushions. You can not only sit in it, but also take a nap, but if there are a lot of people on the observation deck, this is unlikely to be done.
A telescope is also installed there, which anyone can use to examine the small details below. Tourists who have not yet decided whether they like this structure or not can look at its smaller copy in one of the corners of the observation deck.

Advice! If, after walking around Prague, you are hungry, we recommend having lunch in the building of the Zizkov TV Tower. Local establishments offer guests a wide selection of all kinds of dishes.

How to get to Prague TV Tower
Tourists wishing to visit this place should prepare for a walk, as there are no metro stations or bus stops nearby.
Of course, you can always call a taxi, for example, Uber, which will take you to the desired point. However, this method is the most expensive.
Those looking to save money should use public transport.
Method 1. Choose the green metro line (A). Take the train to the station Jiřígo z Podebrad. Further, following the signs, we find the Zizkov TV Tower. It takes about 5-7 minutes from the station.
Method 2. At the tram stop, choose route 11 or 13. We reach the metro station Jiřígo z Podebrady. We go to the building of the TV tower on foot.

Babies at the TV Tower in Prague
The famous faceless babies are sculptures of the infamous Pole David Czerny. It is made in the postmodern style. Sculptures have adorned the building of the Prague TV Tower since 2000. They are made of dark metal.
The babies themselves are located along the entire length of the structure. Some of them tend upward, others - downward. Depicting faceless children, the Polish sculptor demonstrates to the world his protest against abortion.
Residents, like tourists, are ambivalent about these sculptures. Some find them ironic, while others are openly frightened by them.

Important! Periodically, each "kid" is removed from the building of the TV tower for maintenance. This usually happens in the fall. Therefore, if you dream of seeing them, it is better not to come to Prague at this time of the year.

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