The old Old Town Hall with a classic Gothic chapel and a chime clock is the main architectural dominant of Staro Mesto Square, a historic district in the heart of the Czech capital, a monument of European history from the first half of the 14th century.
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History of the Town Hall in Old Town Square in Prague
The history of Prague's Old Town Hall dates back to 1338 - that year, based on a privilege bestowed on the citizens of Old Town by King John the Blind, who is also known as John of Luxembourg, the local town hall was established. According to the king's idea, the City Council of Prague was to be located within its walls.
Initially, the building of the 13th century in the Gothic style, kindly donated to fellow citizens by the wealthy merchant Wolf Kamen, became the seat of the newly established city council.
Three decades later, in 1364, a monumental, majestic and visually heavy tower was added to the house, which also became the main architecture dominant of the entire surrounding area. And four years earlier, a second was added to the first building from the west - for meetings of the city government council.
After another two decades, in 1381, a chapel was added to this architectural group, which was consecrated at the same time.
The chimes on the Old Town Tower appeared only at the beginning of the 14th century - they were launched in 1410.
The appearance of the medieval Old Town Hall was completed by the house of the tanner Mikš, acquired by the local authorities in 1458. So, presumably, quite unexpectedly for himself, a simple tanner became a part of the history of the city. That year became a landmark for the town hall itself - within its walls, for the first time, a non-Catholic, a certain Jiří from Podebrady, was elected Czech king, who adhered to moderate Hussite views.
The next global changes in the appearance of the entire architectural complex of the Town Hall took place only four centuries later - from 1805 to 1807, when a new clock was installed and a platform was added; and from 1830 to 1834, when another building was added.
As a direct consequence of the periodic rebuilding, the "raznosortitsa" in the buildings of the Old Town Hall is obvious and therefore immediately striking.
In 1784, the united city council of Prague was located in the town hall.
At the very end of World War II, during the bloody battles between the insurgent Prague residents and the retreating scattered parts of the Wehrmacht and SS troops in May 1945, the Town Hall turned into one of the main points of defence of the city - as a result, colossal damage was inflicted on its historical buildings: among other things, it burned down the eastern wing was destroyed, the tower clock and the tower itself were badly damaged by fire.

What to see
Today, the chimes of the Old Town Tower are also an astronomical clock, the ancient mechanism of which still works miracles: from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. at the signal of the skeleton bell - an allegory of Death, a melody plays every full hour, setting the whole procession in motion from the same allegories: Vanity, Greed, Death and Lust, which ends with the "rear guard" of the figures of the twelve apostles. The plot, to which television and cameramen from different countries have repeatedly drawn their attention, has been included in many documentaries and feature television and films about Prague and the Czech Republic as a whole.

Townhall tower
The old tower of the Old Town Hall, almost seventy meters high, is quite an independent architectural masterpiece and a landmark of Prague's Old Town. Its high pointed Spiers, covered bypass gallery and chimes have long become a real hallmark of Prague.
It is she who gives the entire architectural complex of the Town Hall the appearance of a majestic Gothic cathedral, photographs and postcards depicting which have long been sold in millions of copies around the world.
The covered gallery of the tower offers an amazing view of Prague.

How to get there
The nearest station of the Prague metro with the same name - "Staromestskaya" is located a few hundred meters from the building of the town hall.

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