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The National Museum, Prague is one of the oldest and most visited attractions in the Czech capital. It is a unique place, surprising not only by the number of artefacts collected but also by its appearance.
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Národní museum, founded in 1818, is considered one of the public panopticons in Prague. It houses a multimillion-dollar collection of exhibits dedicated to painting, ethnography, energy, music, archaeology and other spheres of life. For many years, most of these items have been available to the general public. Now almost everyone can see them.
As the name implies, the bulk of the museum exhibits dedicated to the Czech people's history, culture, and traditions. However, in addition to this, there is a huge number of information materials related to natural and exact sciences - botany, numismatics, hydrobiology, palaeontology, zoology, etc. In addition, Národní Muzeum performs an educational function, demonstrating the close cultural and historical connection of the Czech Republic with other European countries

History in brief
The Prague National Museum, often referred to as the Czech Treasury of Culture, was born out of scholars, travelers, and private collectors, whose offerings accounted for the majority of the exhibits. The most famous of these was Count Kaspars Sternberg, an internationally renowned paleontologist who became the main organizer of the preparatory work. With the approval of the Vienna Government, Sternberg founded the Society of the Homeland Museum, which handed over all the exhibits collected up to that time. 1934 The institution became the property of the Czech Land Administration, and in 1949. She was nationalized.
Initially, the exhibits were kept in Sternberg Castle in Hradcana, but in 1846. You transported some items to Nostic. 1989 The whole collection found a permanent home - it was a building in Wenceslas Square, which is still operating successfully today.

Architecture and interior of the main building
The historical building of the National Museum of Prague on Wenceslas Square, designed by the talented architect Josef Schulz, is a neo-Renaissance palace. It is one of those rare cases when the outer picture is entirely consistent with the inner content. Indeed, the architecture of the freak show amazes the imagination with its grandeur and beauty.
The main facade of the Národní Muzeum decorated with an allegorical sculptural group that testifies to the unity of the Czech lands. In the centre of this composition is Bohemia, the goddess of science and art, and on both sides of it is an older man who immortalized r. Elba, and a young girl associated with r. Vltavoy. Under the high dome of the National Museum, you can see the names of 72 lights of Czech culture engraved in gold.
The walls of the hall decorated views of historic castles. In addition, there are sculptural portraits of the main political, cultural and public figures of the Czech Republic everywhere. At Bohuslav Dvořák himself participated in the work on the decoration of the freak show. The picture completed by the monument of St. Wenceslas, erected in front of the central entrance in 1912.
Even though the National Museum of Prague had to endure two military conflicts, it has rebuilt since 1891. However, in 2011 it was closed for reconstruction, which lasted several years.
During the renovation work, the old building merged with a new underground passage. Thanks to the right approach, the institution's management managed to preserve the original appearance of an important architectural monument and increase the actual area by as much as 30%. The opening of the renovated historic building took place on October 28, 2018 - on the 100th anniversary of the independence of Czechoslovakia.
Before the restoration, there are several permanent exhibitions dedicated to palaeontology, geology, anthropology and history. The old building also houses a unique library, which includes 1.3 rare books and 8 thousand priceless ancient manuscripts.

Useful Tips

Before heading to the National Museum on Wenceslas Square, here are some tips from those lucky enough to be there:

  1. Museum objects are located in different parts of Prague but will require additional costs (both cash and temporary).

  2. There is an elevator near the emergency entrance, designed for the transport of disabled people, but to use it, you must present an appropriate certificate.

  3. Mothers travelling with small children may need help from others. The fact is that several steps lead to the entrance to the main building, which will be challenging to move with a sidecar.

  4. In the evening, the facade of the National Museum illuminated, thanks to which it makes an even stronger impression.

  5. It is better to take an audio guide to view the expositions.

  6. Those who are limited in time should come in advance - waiting for their turn can take 30-50 minutes.

  7. Museum ticket offices do not accept credit cards. As for the currency, you can pay for the ticket only in euros and Czech crowns.

The National Museum, Prague is a place where you can lose track of time. Be sure that its unique exhibits will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy your excursion and vivid impressions!

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