In the Czech Republic, there is a lot of amazing beauty of palaces, temples and cities, various sights made by man. But even the brightest emotions fade over time, and perceptions become dulled.
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In this case, the best way to avoid this is to change the environment and get new emotions, for example, to get acquainted with those sights of the country that were created by nature itself.
To renew the brightness of emotions, you can walk through the caves, take a boat ride along the underground rivulet. All this can be done by visiting the famous Moravian Kras caves.

What to see
Today, there are four caves accessible to tourists. This is the place where all cave tours usually start. Tours in most cases are conducted in Czech, but you do not need to worry about this, at the box office, where you will buy the entrance ticket, the cashier will give you an audio guide with a booklet.
The very first you can see the Punctual Cave, it will lead you to the Macoha Cave, then there will be the Baltsarskaya Cave, in which you can look at how the stalactites look. In the Kateřinská cave, you can see what rare stalagmites look like. The famous Vypustek cave in ancient times was considered a classified military site. When visiting the Stolbsko-Shoshuvskie caves, you will be amazed by the enormous dimensions of the abyss.
In the caves, you can wander through the corridor labyrinths and gorges created by nature itself and see how stalactites look like. And one more feature of the caves in them live bats.
Everything in the Moravian Karst is thought out especially for people. Cycling enthusiasts can follow the routes, both easy and difficult. Hikers can easily walk along the footpaths.
All paths have signs so you won't get lost in the caves.
The entire territory on which the caves are located occupies about twenty-five kilometres, and the number of caves that are located on this vast territory is more than a thousand, the entire area of ​​the Czech national park is more than 90 kilometres. Bats live in caves, there are a huge number of species, as well as a variety of spineless animals live next to them. And for the record, most of all the animals that live in these caves are still unexplored.

Macoch Abyss
The most important asset of Moravian Beauty is the Macocha Abyss. At the very edge of this 138-meter gorge, two specially equipped viewing platforms resemble a balcony over the gorge. The upper observation deck can be reached by cable car. You will get there very quickly, you just have to stand in a long queue to buy a ticket and to get on the funicular. At the top of the cave, the ceiling has collapsed and a piece of the sky is visible. Walking along the Punkva underground river, which flows into the lake, is very popular with tourists.

Moravian caves on the map of the Czech Republic
The length of this system is approximately 25 kilometres. These caves are the largest in Europe. They are located near the city of Brno, Prague and the city of Blansko.

How to get from Prague
From the capital of the Czech Republic, you can get to the caves if you take a direct train that goes to Blansko. You will spend about 3.5 hours on the road. Next, in this city, you need to change to a bus and go to the Skalny Mlyn stop, or you can use the services of a taxi, go for about ten minutes.
It is best to drive to the caves from the capital by car along the E65 highway to the city of Brno, then move to the E461 highway, then take the small road number 379 and follow the road signs to the Skalny Mlyn stop, and already on the spot, you will see a parking lot where you can leave your car.

How to get from Brno
If you are going to get to the Moravian beauty, you should go first to the city of Brno, and then take the train and get to the town of Blansko. Then change to bus number 226 and go to the Skalny Mlyn stop.

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