Litomyshl Castle a celebration of the Renaissance in Czech architecture. Since 1999, this magnificent architectural complex, together with the castle area, has been included in the UNESCO list as one of the best Renaissance ensembles in Europe.
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The castle of Litomyshl (Zámek v Litomyšli) impresses connoisseurs of architecture with its sublime appearance: elegantly stepped gables, arcades, artful facade sgraffito, a romantic park. The immaculately built palace has been perfectly preserved to this day.

History of the castle
In 1567, the castle of Litomyshl was acquired by Vratislav II of Pernstein, the Supreme Chancellor of the Czech Kingdom. He rebuilt the former Gothic castle into a luxurious Renaissance one and decorated the interior walls with numerous arcades and sgraffito paintings.
After the Pershtein family was cut off on Vratislav Eusebius, the owners of Litomyshl Castle began to change frequently. It was alternately owned by the Trautmansdorfs (until 1753) and the Waldstein's. Each owner brought something different to the appearance of the castle. It was rebuilt in the Baroque style, but after a fire in 1775, it returned to its former Renaissance appearance.
In 1855, the castle was acquired by a representative of the Thurn-and-Taxis family. The Princes of Thurn and Taxis owned it until the Second World War. In 1945, the castle was nationalized.

The castle today
The castle is a representative residence of the Perstein family. Unfortunately, the castle has only thirteen rooms and halls available to the public, including a library, a billiard room, the chapel of St. Monica, an 18th-century theatre stage with unique decorations, staterooms, chambers, a large dining room, and a music room.
In the vast basement of the palace, you will find an exhibition of works by the famous modern Czech sculptor Albram Zoubk, who was one of the restorers of the castle (he gave Litomyshl his works of different years). From the castle tower, you can enjoy the panorama of the historical centre of Litomyshl.
In the castle, you can see a lot of art objects, furniture of the XIX century. There is also an art gallery. In the halls of the first floor, the works of the famous Baroque artist – Wallenstein Dominik Dvorak are presented. In one of the salons of Litomyshl, a museum of the history of the piano has been created with an exhibition of rare old instruments.

Litomyshl Castle in the history of world cinema
In Milos Forman's film "Amadeus", the audience sees a magnificent crystal chandelier. This rarity shot in the seventies in the "Oscar-winning" movie, and today adorns one of the halls of the Litomyshl Palace.

Romantic garden of Litomyshl
In the castle garden, old Baroque and neoclassical buildings have been preserved: a brewer, an oratory, an arena and stables, and outbuildings. The Litomyshl park complex was designed in the French and English landscape style and carefully restored in the XX century. There are many Baroque sculptures and a beautiful gazebo in the Empire style. On the well-kept green lawn with soft grass, visitors arrange picnics.
Additional guided tours of the underground tunnels under the palace buildings and the park are available for visitors. The museum of ancient art is located in the manege of the castle.