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Valtice Castle, located a few kilometres from the Austrian border, remained the main residence of the Liechtenstein family until 1945. It took the members of the princely family almost 300 years to create the family estate, during which garden houses, an opera house, and a Renaissance church appeared on the vast territory of the castle. And other structures. Among the favourite tourist places in the picturesque park with the temple of the goddess Diana, artificial ruins, gazebos, sculptures, fountains and many unusual flowers, bushes and trees.
The interior of the palace is of no less interest. The Gothic chapel, shady galleries, the luxurious Marble Hall and the Mirror Cabinet are all perfectly preserved to this day, pleasing the eye with beautiful wall paintings and fully restored stucco mouldings. The castle also has an old wooden elevator, the walls of which adorned with elaborate carvings.
In the 18th Art. the gothic castle of Valtice has undergone several reconstructions, giving it the features of a new baroque style. So it has survived to this day. Today, an annual festival of wines (7-8 May), produced in South Moravia, is organized at the walls of the famous architectural monument. During the festival, there are obligatory auctions, where everyone can buy a bottle of the drink bottled under Napoleon Bonaparte.

Wine cellars
Valtice in the Czech Republic is famous for its centuries-old history and luxurious appearance and an ancient winery located in the basement. The medieval dungeon, in which a labyrinth of corridors connects the wine cellars, is considered almost the main attraction. Nowadays, there is a Wine Salon in the ancient caves, organized by the National Wine Center. Here you can learn the history of winemaking and taste the best varieties of famous Moravian drinks. Can view the opening hours of this exhibition on the website
The palace chapel, the art gallery and the mirror room are equally popular. All rooms are decorated in the best traditions of the time - they have ceiling frescoes, cassette ceilings, gilded stucco moldings, spiral staircases, wall paintings and other elements.

Practical information
Address: Zamek 1, Valtice 691 42, Czech Republic.
Each part of Valtice has its own work schedule. In most cases, it starts at 9 am and lasts until 4 or 5 pm, depending on the time of year.
The same is the case with the cost of entrance tickets - it can be 80-300 CZK. Children under six years old do not have to pay to enter. For more information, see the official website