Lednice Castle, forming a single architectural and park complex with neighbouring Valtice, is located on the right bank of the Dyje River, 50 km from Brno.
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  2. Zámek 1, 691 44 Lednice, Czechia
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    Lednice Castle is open from 9 am to 4 or 5 pm - it all depends on the time of year and the excursion program.
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    The cost of the visit ranges from 60 to 300 CZK.
  8. * - opening and closing times as well as entrance prices, are subject to alterations without notice. Visitors are advised to check before visiting.
  9. Ticket prices, as well as opening hours, can be viewed on the official site of the attraction.
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Lednice Castle, forming a single architectural and park complex with neighbouring Valtice, is located on the right bank of the Dyje River, 50 km from Brno. This place can, without exaggeration, be called one of the most visited cultural and historical monuments of the Czech Republic. Moreover, he is one of the most significant masterpieces of landscape art, created by human hands.
Typically, these castles visited on the same day. And this is not surprising because Lednice and Valtice connected by a picturesque lime tree alley, which is no more than 7 km long. This distance can be easily covered not only by bicycle but also on foot.
In 1996, the Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and received the most beautiful garden in Europe.

Lednice Castle, located on the border of Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and named after the cold river Dyja, offers its visitors several tourist routes. The most popular of them considered being a tour of the ceremonial halls, which hosted crowded balls and other social events. Not far behind him is a walk through the private chambers of the owners, which includes the family living room, Sophia Esterhazy's apartments, St. Jacob's chapel, Prince Franz's rooms and Princess Frantiska's bedroom. The list of popular routes also includes examining such essential elements as the castle greenhouse, children's rooms for members of the princely family and an exhibition dedicated to the Lednice winery.

Architecture and interior decoration
Over the long years of its existence, the Lednice castle in the Czech Republic managed to go through several cardinal reconstructions, each of which left a certain imprint on its architecture. So the mighty Gothic fortress, which arose in the first half of the 16th century, first acquired the attributes of the Renaissance and then became a palace in a luxurious Baroque style. The last transformation of the castle took place in 1858 when elements of the Tudor neo-Gothic style appeared in the appearance of Lednice, which have survived to this day. However, regular alterations did not diminish the beauty of this fantastic place. On the contrary, they made Lednice Castle one of the most splendid architectural monuments in the Czech Republic.
The appearance of this building amazes with its sophistication and elegance. The palace's facade decorated with ornate balconies, lancet windows and sharp crenellated towers that harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape. The picture complemented by marble columns, graceful pilasters, stone pyramids, portals and gutters made by the best architects of those times.
The interior decoration of Lednice deserves no less attention. There is only one main entrance with a wooden staircase and large brass chandeliers hanging over the stairs! Once upon a time, the walls near the stairs were hung with paintings from the famous collection of the Liechtenstein family, but now there are only three unique canvases.
All the halls of the castle have their name, which fully corresponds to their design. So, in the interior of the Hunting Hall, there are stuffed animals and birds, the African one decorated with trophies brought from the continent of the same name, and the walls of the Chinese one covered with wallpaper made of the finest papyrus. And finally, the Turquoise or Blue Salon named so "after" the decoration and keeping within its walls portraits of local princes. Among them, the image of the pregnant wife of Hartmann von Lichtenstein causes tremendous excitement. The fact is that during the Middle Ages, it was not customary to paint women in position, but in this case, the artist had no other choice. Princess Liechtenstein was pregnant almost constantly, and in 21 years of her married life, she managed to give birth to 24 children. By the way, after her death, Hartmann married a second time. The new wife gave the prolific Liechtenstein 10 more children.
Would you like to know more about the life of the Czech nobles? Then look into the bedroom with colourful tapestries and small pictures on the walls, or go to the bathroom, the main elements of a bathhouse, carved from a single piece of pink marble, and a toilet in the shape of a fish. If you want to get into purely male territory, go up to the Red Smoking Room, the greatest pride of which is considered the original armour of the mid-16th century. And round tables made using the same technology as hundreds of years ago.
The main attraction of the Lednice castle in the Czech Republic is the elaborate spiral staircase installed in the library. They say that it took five years to create this openwork splendour, carved from solid oak. At the same time, there is not a single nail in the construction of the staircase - all the necessary connections made using notable spikes made of high-quality wood. Other elements of the library interior have made to match the stairs. Wooden panels, patterned ceiling, embossed doorway and thousands of ancient books are all quite harmonious.
Among other things, you can see exhibits of medieval furniture, fireplaces made of pure marble, a relief family tree carved from ivory, and a massive chandelier with candlesticks weighing almost 700 kg.

The park
The Lednice-Valtice complex in Lednice (Czech Republic) is famous for its beautiful architecture and its picturesque landscapes. The castle is surrounded by a vast English park, turning into forests and virgin landscapes. Walking through the shady alleys of this square, you will see buildings of different styles and eras. Among them are the Temple of Apollo, a palm greenhouse, an ancient Roman aqueduct, the Temple of the Three Graces, an artificial cave created in the first half of the 17th century, and a Moorish tower, from the observation deck of which can see neighbouring Austria. These structures not only perfectly complement each other but also create a unique romantic atmosphere.
Do not forget about the famous park ponds, in the clear waters of which you can see the playfully splashing fish. Artificial islands connected by a beautiful wooden bridge appear on the surface of these reservoirs. Oddly enough, but once upon a time, on the site of these scraps of land towered mountains of construction waste left after the last reconstruction of Lednice.
You can move around the territory of the palace and park ensemble not only on foot but also on horses, bicycles, sledges or skis - it all depends on the season. Tired of the rich excursion program, tourists can walk on the river trams sailing along the Diya River.

How to get to Lednice from Prague?
There is no direct flight from the Czech capital to the castle complex, so how to get from Prague to Lednice Castle arises quite often. Our tips will help you figure this out.
Method 1. By bus and train

  • At the main bus station in Prague (Prague ÚAN Florenc), take bus # 850 of the FlixBus carrier;

  • Get off at the Brno Hotel Grand station. Travel time - 2 hours 45 minutes. The fare is from 10 to 17€;

  • Walk to Brno hl. n train station. (about 600 m);

  • Take the Czech Railways R train;

  • Follow to Podivin station. The road takes about 30 minutes. The ticket costs about 4 €.

Method 2. By train

  • At the Praha hl. n. station take the Czech Railways Rj train to Breclav. Travel time - 3 hours.

  • The fare is from 10 to 16 €.

  • Change to the Os train belonging to the same carrier and proceed to Lednice station. The road will take no more than half an hour. The ticket costs 1 €.

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