Agioi Anargyroi Church

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Agioi Anargyroi Church was built in 1649 on the site of a stone-age settlement. The monastery appears to be listed as one of the first 79 monasteries on the Island.
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It is said that two brothers, Saints Cosmas & Damianos, founded the monastery. The men were well known on the Island, as they cared for the sick and the dying - and they never accepted payment, hence the monastery's name, which comes from the Greek meaning "without payment".

Apparently there are many stories about the brothers told by those living in the neighbouring villages, not least of all that the brothers did not seem to care very much about house hold work as they left the eggs outside in the sun to turn mouldy!

The explanation for this was not apparent for many years until the water tests at the end of the 19th Century revealed Sulphur in the waters of the monastery's springs.

The monastery fell into disrepair along with it's church during the 19th Century, but when the mineral content if the waters was revealed the monastery was extended to accommodate visiting monks, and later nuns from Greece, who benefited from the sulphur baths that had been built.
The church in the forecourt has been renovated several times in it’s life, but it's original thick stone walls and old processional icons still remain.
News spread of the healing powers of the waters, which are said to help those suffering from ailments such as Rheumatism, Arthritis, skin disorders, stomach problems and spinal abnormalities.

To this day the monastery, welcomes many people as well as the elderly from all over Greece & Cyprus who seek to cure in it’s waters in the privacy of their own rooms.

Beginning of the 20th Century the monastery was partly destroyed due to an earthquake. The church decided to renovate on top of the exiting foundation. Monks then inhabited the monastery for 30 years. The monastery has had several owners over the years since then, one being Mr Zinonas Chrysanthou of Miliou Village who bought the monastery in 1985. Since then the monastery has been running as a small and comfortable family run hotel.
His children are now influential people in their own right, and have got together and decided to restore this unique building to turn it into a place that no one will ever forget.


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