After the Turkish invasion took place in 1974, Famagusta is currently an occupied area that does not receive any form of development and growth.
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The “ghost city” of the island, beautiful Famagusta, is a paradise place that no one ever forgets, no matter how many years have passed after the Turkish invasion and the abandonment of the town. The magnificent city stands silent, patiently waiting for the day when freedom will be reestablished, and Ammochostos will regain its past vibrant character, with all its eternal fans being ready to create new moments of joy in the area where they were born and raised.

Located deep in the sand, Famagusta was considered as one of the most glorious cities on the island in the old times, with the port being referred to as a hub for the transportation of both passengers and goods to and from Cyprus. The old Salamis, was a city full of life, with domestic and international tourism being the dominant asset of the famous and rich city of Famagusta. Nobody could resist a ride next to the blue sea, a deep dive in the crystal clear waters or a long stroll near its magnificent coastal zones.

After the Turkish invasion took place in 1974, Famagusta is currently an occupied area that does not receive any form of development and growth. On the contrary, it remains abandoned, making its most passionate fans sad and indignant.

The words coming from the Swedish journalist Jan-Olof Bengston, who went to visit the beautiful city, are really indicative; he reported in Kvällsposten newspaper that “The asphalt on the roads has cracked in the warm sun and along the sidewalks bushes are growing […] Today, September 1977, the breakfast tables are still set, the laundry still hanging and the lamps still burning […] Famagusta is a ghost-town.”

Hundreds of photographs and snapshots act as the best evidence in favor of the idea that Famagusta is the personification of beauty. Dozens of songs and poems praise the magnificence of the city, by referring back to old moments of glory and splendor, when the area was flourishing. And of course, there is thousands of events and actions that express the uttermost desire of each citizen to return back to their mother land, to the place of their birth. When talking about Famagusta, many people convey a feeling of reminiscence and a strong desire to return back to their lovely city and start creating new moments of joy next to the beautiful sandy beaches and the crystal clear coastal areas.

Of particular beauty are all the non-occupied areas of Famagusta, which until nowadays attract thousands of local and foreign fans, who choose to spend moments of relaxation and recreation next to the magical beaches of Ammochostos. The areas of Protaras, Paralimni, Ayia Napa, Cape Greco and NISSI beach act as the absolute evidence supporting the idea of Famagusta as the city of exquisite beauty. Even in winter of autumn time, there are many local and foreign visitors who choose to stay in the areas of Famagusta, taking the most out the sun, by gazing at the magical coasts, sipping their coffee or walking by the waves.

Everyone’s wish is to see Famagusta being free and vibrant once again, the soonest possible. Until then, the city’s most passionate fans remain relentlessly devoted to its magical beauty and unique attractiveness.

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