St. Stephen’s Cathedral

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During your visit to the cathedral, you will learn about the cathedral’s touching history as well as the most important works of art that were created for the cathedral, especially in the Middle Ages but also over the centuries.
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  2. Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Wien, Austria
  3. +4315337570
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    Monday - Saturday 6:00 – 10:00
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    Adults - 6.00€
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    Children 0 - 6 years free of charge
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This monolithic structure stands proud in the Stephensplatz and has been the most important church in Vienna and Austria since its construction.

The beauty of this building is undeniable and its huge tower dominates the Vienna skyline and stands as the tallest church tower in Austria.

Everything about St Stephen’s Cathedral oozes opulence – From the Romanesque and Gothic design of the exterior, to the dominating pointed tower, and the intricately decorated main roof complete with hundreds of coloured tiles forming an intriguing pattern.

Inside the church there are a total of 18 altars, several smaller chapels, and even some tombs and catacombs.

As an iconic building of Vienna, St Stephens cannot be missed!

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